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European Open Berlin

26. September um 10:00 27. September um 17:00


Hey DDC-Friends,

the planning phase finally comes to an end, as we’d like to announce (not without a wit):

the “European Open Berlin”, hosted on 26./27. of September 2020:

On 26., at Sportanlage Rennbahnstrasse (Coordinates: 52.563767, 13.458550 ), from 10:00-19:00 (Berlin time), where actually no hygiene and safety measures are required legally (and no declaration of consent), but of course: We trust that everyone of you will abide by every point in the concept for Sunday, that also seems sensible for Saturday as well…

On 27., at Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark (Coordinates: 52.545066, 13.407519 ), from 10:00-17:00, where this concept applies (yep, this really has ALL the details…) and you are required to sign a declaration of consent. Finally a path-concept applies – and we’re done.

It is planned out as a usual team-tournament, where we’ll probably have one big pool and than some finals in the end.

In addition, we’re required to register everyone in this list of participants. As you might already see, there is quite an inconvenience for everyone, who arrives from a “risk-area” (details in “the measures”).

A short statement: The idea, of there being testing-facilities at German airports, that will allow a test result after 48 (!) hours, is pretty new and during holiday season, this didn’t really work… Thus – sadly – the only real alternative seems to be looking for a test in your home country, sorry!

Your accommodation: We’ll organize everything privately. If necessary, we’ll help with Airbnb-options.

And finally: For any questions, contact me via Email: anthraxium {at} gmx {dot] de (Facebook only as a second option…)
Let’s start something here, that shall become big in a couple seasons 😉

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15€ Player's Fee